Tecnobios Procreazione Symposium 2012 – Roma 15-17 Novembre 2012

The  Tecnobios Procreazione Symposium 2012 is aimed at providing clinicians, embryologists and basic scientists with an opportunity to focus on and discuss some of the most attractive and innovative advances in the field of reproductive biology and medicine.The event will be held in association with the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Italian Society for Fertility Preservation, PRO-FERT, which will offer a comprehensive and state-of-art view of the fertility preservation issue. At the conclusion of this event, participants will have a better appreciation of the possibility to develop novel methodologies and forms of infertility treatment as a result of the knowledge gained from basic and clinical studies.
Il dottor Andrea Borini sarà presente in qualità sia di padrone di casa sia relatore, intervenendo il 16 novembre alle 12.20 con un discorso su: “GnRH antagonist: triggering with agonist and freezing all oocytes and/or embryos”. Qui il programma dell’evento.

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