The multi-factorial equations of ART: defining and maximizing success in pregnancy rates, Sorrento 18-19 maggio

The successful treatment of infertility problems utilizing Advanced Reproductive Technologies is the result of a multi-factorial equation in which each one of the variables involved in the process is key to increase the chances to have a baby. To achieve success one must take into account that each variable involved on the system must be managed and controlled to secure that the ideal treatment is identified for each patient as well as the most viable embryos to transfer for the highest implantation rate. The goal is to optimize these variables and achieve high pregnancy rates and a low multiple rate. This symposium will critically analyze some of the potential clinical and embryological variables to apply as well as the most precise way to define and maximize success in ART.

Il dott. Borini sarà Chairman della Sessione “Understanding the meaning of success in ART” in programma il 19 maggio.

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