ESHRE Campus “Endometriosis and IVF” – Roma, 28-29 ottobre 2011

Treatment of endometriosis-associated infertility has received much recent attention and novel concepts have emerged. Among them, the idea that endometriosis may have a strong influence upon IVF outcomes and also that the IVF procedure itself may impact upon the  disease evolution and progression.

Thus the main topics of the course will include:
Endometrial receptivity in endometriosis
Role of stem cells in IVF
Ovarian reserve in endometriosis
Ovarian stimulation in endometriosis
Effect of IVF on endometriosis recurrence
Natural IVF cycle in endometriosis
Ovarian hyperstimulation, endometriosis and risk of ovarian cancer (Andrea Borini)
Treatment of endometriosis pre- and post-IVF
Tissue/gamete cryopreservation in endometriosis
Effect of endometriosis on IVF-derived pregnancies

The objectives of the course are to: (1) increase awareness of physicians about the role of endometriosis on fertility status; (2) to increase knowledge about results and risks of IVF procedures in patients with the disease and (3) to provide an up to date view on therapies for infertility due to endometriosis in order to provide optimum care for patients. In addition, particular attention will be paid to (4) the obstetric outcomes associated with IVF procedures in endometriosis patients.

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